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Intermediat level
41 hrs duration

What you'll learn

  • Build Dynamic Web Applications
  • Integrate with Backend Services
  • Frontend API Handling
  • Explore Cross-Platform Development


An Angular course is a structured educational program designed to teach individuals how to use Angular, a popular open-source web application framework developed by Google.The course typically covers topics such as building dynamic, single-page web applications, utilizing Angular components, directives, services, and other key features.

Participants learn to create interactive and responsive web interfaces while understanding the principles of modular and maintainable code using Angular. The course may also delve into topics like data binding, dependency injection, routing, and integration with backend services, providing a comprehensive understanding of Angular development.

1. HTML 2 hrs

  • Table design
  • -Form design
  • -Navbar
  • -Sidebar
  • -Image, video,
  • -basic tags
  • -formatting tags
  • -semantic elements

2. CSS 2 hrs

  • - Implement custom css in above design
  • -Implement bootstrap classes in above structure
  • Implement events, validation and behavior in above structure
  • Ball drop down
  • Same task as above but use jquery without using vanilla js
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