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Intermediat level
20 hrs duration

What you'll learn

  • IAM with Okta
  • Various Application integration through Okta
  • Implementing Rules and Policy on Okta

Ping Federate

PingFederate is a product offered by Ping Identity, a company specializing in identity and access management (IAM) solutions. PingFederate is an identity bridge that facilitates secure and seamless access to applications, APIs, and resources across different environments, including on-premises and cloud.

  • Overview of Identity and Access Management.
  • Overview of Federation and Federated SSO
  • Overview of PingFederate
  • Setting up environment for running PingFederate.
  • LDAP Basics
  • Configuring LDAP.
  • Attributes in LDAP.
  • SP Initiated SSO, IDP Initiated SSO.
  • Configuring Data stores and Password Credential Validator.
  • Configuring Adapters.
  • Configuring Selectors.
  • Configuring Policy.
  • Configuring Policy Contract.
  • Configuring the SP Connections.
  • Introduction to Multifactor Authentication (MFA).
  • Configuring SAML SSO using PingFederate in Salesforce.
  • Miscellaneous ( Overview of SAML Response and Logs)
  • User and Password Recovery
  • Password Reset.
  • Customization of HTML Form Adapter.
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