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Intermediat level
23 hrs duration

What you'll learn

  • Core Programming in JAVA
  • Onboarding Active Directory in Sailpoint
  • Managing Role wise Access Management
  • Reports in IIQ and many more


Founded in 2005, SailPoint is a leading identity management solutions provider, specializing in Identity Governance and Administration (IGA). Its flagship product, IdentityNow, is a cloud-based platform that facilitates centralized and automated identity lifecycle management. SailPoint's solutions prioritize identity-centric security, offering features like access request and certification, role-based access control, and privileged access management.

In a landscape marked by cybersecurity challenges and regulatory compliance, SailPoint assists organizations in efficiently managing user access across diverse applications, systems, and data, ensuring the right individuals have appropriate access while mitigating risks.

  • Java Code Structur
  • Java Data Types
  • Java Array
  • Java Loops
  • Java Operators
  • Java Conditions
  • Java Class, Object, Methods
  • Java API Documentation Walkthrough
  • Java String Class Basics
  • Java Collections
  • Overview of Access Management.
  • General Organization Structure
  • Sailpoint for Identity and Access Management
  • Setting up environment for running Sailpoint.
  • Authoritative application onboarding
  • Account Aggregation
  • Identity Mapping
  • Manager Correlation
  • Identity Refresh
  • Understanding Correlation Rule and Customization Rule
  • Merging Data
  • Entitlement in IIQ
  • Provisioning Policy Form
  • Provisioning Plan
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